Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution; it represents the wise choice of many alternatives. NVR's partners are large-scale stockist distributors all over India & abroad. The company strives to be efficient & reliable partners to their customers. The company aims to continuously upgrade their production technique in order to offer stockists/distributors & consumers an excellent quality at reasonable price.



"NVR" brand Pipe Fittings enjoy a great reputation for its quality and durability all over India & abroad. "NVR" brand Pipe Fittings can very conveniently be assembled on to the pipes, owing to the dimensional accuracy of their threads, as also due to its premium composition alone, which results in a very fine grade of malleability, is what makes "NVR" pipe fittings the preferred choice of today's intelligent customer."NVR" brand pipe fittings are manufactured keeping in mind that they are often used on underground & concealed piping installations and the fault, therefore, cannot easily be detected and rectified.


"NVR" valves are manufactured under stringent test. The continues research and development have elevated the products to unique standards of precision and excellence. Placing a firm emphasis on quality, rigorous standards of inspection are exercised at every stage of production to ensure that each and every product confirms to an embodiment of engineering perfection. NVR products are approved by various quality institutions., Govt and semi government departments and eminent industrial houses in the country. Thus "NVR" valves has an inbuilt culture of excellence and most important of all. A natural flow for anticipating a bright future for all times to come.